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BMS System control and BMS applications

BMS system is now an essential thing in any smart building . When we enter a building and benefit from services such as elevators, escalators, buildings, and surveillance.

it is thanks to the implementation of an integrated data network called the BMS system.

Since the arrival of automation humanity has been adapting to the use of technology to facilitate routine activities. among other benefits.

The BMS system is part of that set of automated methods that makes life in society, having buildings as the center of the action.

Although we have all benefited from it in some way, few of us may know its meaning and operation, but that is not a problem, because in this article we will focus importantly on informing about the elements that are more of the BMS system in the current moments. has the best technology to offer the product.

What is a BMS system?

The BMS Building Management System (BMS) is a program made up of software and hardware tools for the control and supervision of building automation. It is also known by the name building management systems and can be implemented in both public and private facilities.

How does a BMS system work?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is made up of software and hardware systems whose operating principle is the creation of comprehensive solutions, which can be open or closed. The difference between one and the other is that the closed solutions work with a single component, while the open ones are compatible with devices from various manufacturers.

The hardware programs in the BMS system used for sensors, central management, control consoles, etc.

Software programs are launched for the creation of computer systems that use communication protocols such as C-Bus, Dali, and Modbus.

Why use the BMS Control System ?

Before describing its usefulness, it is appropriate to know that if we want to generate comfort and convenience in buildings, then this system is one of the most suitable to achieve the objectives since you convert this system with a system into s this system is the most suitable for achieving the objectives.

The BMS system is used to

  • Lighting installation and control.
  • Air conditioning
  • Closed circuit camera control
  • For the control of mechanical, electrical, and technological elements of buildings
  • Firefighting systems, among other faculties.

Delta control BMS SYSTEM

Learn about Delta Control BMS system services

When mentioning the word automation, it is impossible not to think of the Delta Control brand.

the reference is due to all the years that the Canadian firm has offered automated equipment and systems of any type and for any application.

Regarding the automation of buildings and management systems, Delta Control has a set of services designed to provide comprehensive control solutions according to the requirements of each project and perfect horizontal conversions in construction.

Design DCC and Design Control Point with Delta Control

The offer of building management systems of the Canadian power commercially known as Design and includes a set of comprehensive solutions that subdivided into Design DCC and Design Control Point which we will detail below

  • Design DCC is a product designed to facilitate the operation and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading in medium and small buildings. Supports access to plants via touch panels, PC, or any mobile device, wherever you are.
  • uses to maximize room comfort, monitor floor activities, or display data.
  • Design DCC has a user-friendly interface designed to simplify tasks such as alarm management, scheduling, trending, reporting, and viewing consumption.
  • Design Control Point: It facilitates the operation of all types of rooms, such as a meeting room, an office space, a conference room, or an event room, you can easily control the climate, and the lights.
  • High-resolution graphics  customized to fit all floor plans and room layouts.
    In addition, with this system you can view and compare electric consumption using standard dashboard templates, you can also customize your energy view using comprehensive dashboard features.
  • Design Control Point provides the operation of your local plant. High-resolution capacitive screens offer excellent user experience and intuitive system operation. Alarms, scheduling, and trending, as well as chart navigation, are at your fingertips.

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