Bosch Automotive Handbook

The new Bosch Automotive Handbook, now in its 9th English edition, has been completely revised and enhanced to include the most recent developments in automotive technology.

Bosch Automotive Handbook

About 200 specialist authors contributed to this new version of very engineer’s must-have reference.

 The book’s format has been revised: it is now 20 percent longer and wider, as this allows for a larger font size. 

This makes the texts and graphics easier to read. The index has been strongly expanded to make looking up technical terms easier. 

Bosch Automotive Handbook Best-seller

The Bosch Automotive Handbook is a best-seller, with a broad global readership. Students of engineering programs consult it, as do researchers and engineers in the automotive industry. 

Bosch Mechanics Technology

Mechanics who are studying to become master craftsmen also use it as a reference work. Experts trust the well-founded and extensive expertise that can be found in the classic. The Bosch Automotive Handbook is widely regarded around the world as a standard work for automotive technology. Until now, it has been translated into 11 languages.

Bosch Automotive handbook

The New Bosch Automotive Handbook, Now In Its 9th English Edition